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A helicopter or rotary-wing aircraft is a heavier-than-air flying machine that uses lift generated by wings, called rotary wings or rotor blades, that revolve around a mast. Search hundreds of helicopter or rotary-wing aircraft below.

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Helicopter Websites

Ace Craft USA  The “GEN H-4” is described at the world’s smallest co-axial helicopter that actually flies.  This Japanese-designed and manufactured ultralight one-man helicopter has a total empty weight of only 155 lbs.  Power comes from four two-stroke, twin-cylinder, air-cooled, horizontally opposed 125cc engines, each producing 10 hp, for a total power package of 40 hp.

Air Track Home of Rotor Roster Publisher of Rotor Roster, a listing of over 22,000 helicopters world-wide.  Records research for aircraft manufacturers, dealers and brokers, after-market manufacturers, insurance companies.

Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) Website History, information, and squadron pages about the Navy’s elite helicopter squadrons assigned to clear ocean lanes, harbors and rivers of the sea mines.

The Aircav  Information about Air Cavalry helicopters and armament: the AH-1 Cobra, UH-1M/C Huey.

Airsports TV Helicopter Channel  This Internet TV channel features video from the world of competitive air sports, including helicopter videos.

Agusta Aerospace Corporation  Manufacturer of the A 109 helicopter.

American Helicopter Society International  The professional society for the advancement of vertical flight technology and its useful application throughout the world.

American Helicopter Museum & Education Center  Dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of historic rotorcraft.  Vintage rotorcraft, artifacts, reference archives, photographs, interactive exhibits, and educational programs and activities.  Located just outside of Philadelphia, at Brandywine Airport.

Attack Helicopters  This page from army-technology.com has links to specs and information about current attack helicopter projects.  See also Support Helicopters.

Bell Helicopter Textron  Events, product information, downloads (clip art, screensavers, audio/video, artwork).

Bell 47 Helicopter Association  Dedicated to supporting and preserving the history of the Bell 47.  Open to Bell 47 pilots, mechanics, and related personnel interested in the Bell 47 helicopter.

Bell Helicopter Textron

Bell214.com  This company buys, supports, and sells Bell 214 helicopters, as well as related aircraft parts and engines.

CH-7 Helicopter Heli-Sport S.r.l.  Producer of the CH-7 Angel one seat experimental helicopter and the Kompress two seat with Rotax 914 turbo 115 HP.

Draganfly Innovations Inc.  Indoor airships and helicopters.

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation  A privately owned company dedicated to the design, production, and support of light piston-powered and turbine-powered helicopters.

Erickson Air-Crane Co.  The manufacturer and largest operator of the S-64 Aircrane heavy lift helicopter.

Eurocopter  Civil, military, and pre-owned helicopters.

Eurocopter Ltd  McAlpine Helicopters is the sole UK distributor.

Eurocopter Canada  News, history, products.

Eurocopter Spotter Page  French site with photos and specs.

Evergreen Helicopters Evergreen Helicopters uses its rotary-winged aircraft in many diverse applications.  Employment, downloads, photos.

Falcon Helicopters Helicopter brokerage organisation with offices based in the West End of London.

FEC Heliports  This division of Federal Equipment Company specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of heliports and helicopter landing equipment.

First Helicopter Network Helicopter fractional ownership, sales, management, crewing services, support and maintenance, consultancy.

Griffin Helicopters  A collection of helicopter resources, helicopter videos, and an helicopter only accident database.

Gyrodyne Helicopter Historical Association  Information about the coaxial helicopter manufactured by the Gyrodyne Company of America from 1946 to 1969, that was the prototype for the QH-50 DASH (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter) weapon system.

Heli-Conversions  Specializes in the R&D, production, FAA certification, worldwide marketing, and support of aftermarket improvements for the Bell 205/UH-1 series helicopter.

Helistart  This helicopter web portal brings you information about heli engineering, design, simulator devices, books, DVDs and experimental helicopters.  The website serves an international audience, and its task is to make it easy for you to find your way around the world of aviation, with the helicopter as its prime subject-matter.

Heli Szene Großhadern  This helicopter homepage contains many images and videos of helicopters from Germany.  Post questions in the Forum, download screensavers and information.  You can find something interesting about the “Christoph München” intensive rescue helicopter based at Klinikum Großhadern.  The image gallery contains images of helicopters like the BK 117, Bell UH-1D, Bo 105, EC 145, EC 135, EC 120, Jet Ranger, EC 155 etc.  Videos of the EC 135 bavarian police, EC 145 CH. München, Bell UH-1D SAR of the German army, Robinson R22 and R44 with adventure action.  Written in German, but you can also view it in English.

heliTURK  All about helicopter systems and the latest news.

The Helicopter’s History Site Historical evolution of helicopters.

Helicopters News  Helicopter and other aviation news stories.  Also, links to helicopter sites: organizations, safety sites, ambulance services, training and instruction, engines, maintenance, others.

Helicopter Operations (Malaya Emergency) Association Website  The Association that includes people who served with FEAF Casualty Evacuation Flight, 194 Squadron, 155 Squadron, 110 Squadron and associated sections (eg Hasf, Fire section, Ops).  The Association is open to all ranks and national servicemen who served in Malaya during the emergency (1948 to 1960).

The Helicopter Page  How helicopters work, engines, animations, graphics, and a lot of information.

The Helicopter Pilot’s Guide  A portal for helicopter pilots and enthusiasts with information, guides, books, sites, links to discussion forums, and lots more.

Helicopter Safety  A site to promote helicopter safety through research and education.  It contains a UK helicopter accident database, links to safety material, and information on venues and dates of helicopter safety evenings organised by some volunteers around the UK.

The Helicopter Service Australia  Helicopters for a wide variety of tasks including: commuting, scenic flights, photography, filming, and crane work.

Helicopters Brisbane  Helicopter sales, training, and charter in Brisbane Australia.

HeliNews.com  Helicopter news, employment information, books, magazines, articles, links, and more.

Helispot A web page dedicated to helicopter photography and information.

Helitang  Documents, information, European regulations info, news and connected matter, as well as a number of pictures related to fixed wing aircraft and rotorcrafts.  Available in French, Dutch, English.

Heliworld  An all inclusive site for the Australian helicopter industry, from helicopter training to helicopter flights.

Heliwrench  A helicopter information site for helicopter engineers and pilots with troubleshooting, a forum, flight manuals, a pilot store and much more.

HoverCopter  Three VTOL crafts in development, including the BodyCopter backpack VTOL copter, a 4 to 6 passenger HoverCopter prototype, and a Two Seat Flyer.

Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives, Inc.  Information about the man, photos and memoribilia, Sikorsky products, biographies, Sikorsky locations, and commentaries.

Just Helicopters  A Website designed for helicopter pilots, mechanics, employers, sales, EMS, schools and others interested in helicopters: employment, classified ads, pilot accessories, parts and components, photo gallery, book store, links.

The Kamov Company  Russian producer of commercial and military helicopters for passengers and cargo.

MD Helicopters, Inc.  Single and twin engine helicopters.

Mid-American Helicopter Inc. Mini-500 personal rotorcraft kit.

MH-53E Sea Dragon The largest and most powerful helicopter in the U.S. military inventory, primarily tasked with Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) and Vertical Onboard Delivery (VOD).  History, performance, stats.

NADC – NA Design Company Inc.  The light two-seater NA 40 BONGO is a composite, twin engine turboshaft, single rotor helicopter.

The New Whirlybirds  Two Bell 47 pilots re-enact the memory of the Whirlybirds.

NHIndustries  NHI produces the NH90 twin engine, 10 ton class military helicopter.

Polar First  World record-breaking helicopter pilots Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill are attempting what no one has ever done before – to fly a helicopter around the world via the South and North Pole.

Police Helicopter Pilot  A site dedicated to promoting police aviation, and teaching young people how to become law enforcement pilots.  Anyone who loves helicopters will enjoy this site.

PZL-Swidnik S.A.  A Polish manufacturer of helicopters.

Robinson Helicopter Company  Maker of the Robinson R22 and R44 Raven light piston-powered helicopters.

Rolls-Royce  A website portal dedicated to helicopter and general aviation operators with information about the related activities of Rolls-Royce.

Rotorcraft Australia  This is a private site run from Oz about rotorcraft – gyrocopters and sports helicopters.  It has news items, forums, galleries, links, etc.

Rotorhead Forums  This is a helicopter forum where pilots of all skill levels can go to talk and ask questions.

Rotorhub  Helicopter industry news and website links.

Rotorwash International Aviation Services  A place where the international rotary-wing community can exchange ideas, promote education, and provide employment assistance.  Online helicopter jobs and resumes, flight safety, ATPL-H license information.

RotorWay International Information on Rotorway 162F kitplanes.

Safari Helicopter  The home page for CHR, manufacturers of the “Safari” helicopter kit, formerly named the Baby Belle.

Schweizer Aircraft Corporation  Designer and manufacturer of sailplanes, helicopters, agricultural aircraft, and reconnaissance aircraft.

Sikorsky  Home page for helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky, a United Technologies Company.

Sikorsky Shares’ Fractional Ownership Program  A fractional helicopter program with a large fleet in the Northeast U.S. corridor.

South African Helicopter  Get the full picture of the South African Helicopter industry.  Cast your vote on current issues, post a job or read live news feeds.  Post a message on the discussion board or view operator profiles.

SynchroLite  A symmetrical ultralight helicopter intended to overcome some of the operational and regulatory limitations of conventional helicopters.

UniCopter  “This project is the design, development, and construction of a Very Light Rotorcraft that will be significantly easier to fly, more efficient, and eventually faster, than current helicopters are.”

U.S. Army Attack Helicopters Helicopter site by a photographer and Former UH-1M, AH-1S, AH-1P, AH-1F Crew Chief with photo gallery, attack helicopter awards, links, UH-1 armament, and exploded engine views.

Vertical Reference  This online helicopter reference has forums, helicopter jobs, a flight schools directory, career development information, and a variety of other content.  This site is for helicopter pilots, students, mechanics, employeers, flight schools, businesses, and enthusiasts.

USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association Former Marine helicopter pilots, crewchiefs, gunners, corpsmen, flight surgeons, chaplains, maintenance and other support personnel.

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network  A non-profit veterans organization dedicated to providing a forum for recreational communications amongst a fraternity of aircrew members who served in Vietnam during the period 1961-75.

Wessex Aerospace A supplier of aircraft and helicopter airframe and engine spare parts.  Also, civil aircraft, helicopters and military aircraft for sale.

Westland Helicopters  Manufacturer of military and commercial helicopters.

World of Helicopters  A forum dedicated to helo ops around the Pacific Rim countries.

Worldwide Helikopter Links  More than 2,300 helicopter links to helicopter news, helicopter companies, helicopter manufacturers, helicopter schools, helicopter associations, helicopter employment, on one page.

The Worldwide Rotorcraft – Web Site  Rotorcraft images and links for those who dare to be different.

Gyroplane Sites

The 7 Group  7G.Copters gyroplane distribution, set-up, and training.

Air Command International, Inc.  Commander single place, tandem, and side-by-side gyroplanes.  This site also has gyro history, theory of flight, pictures, accessories, dealer list.

AutoGyro GmbH  Developes, produces, and distributes gyroplanes, including the MTOsport, Calidus, and Cavalon autogyros.

Bensen Days  The home page of the “premier gyroplane gathering in the US.”  Presented by Sunstate Wing and Rotor Club.  Wauchula Municipal Airport, Wauchula, Florida.

Bensen Aircraft Foundation  Dedicated to carrying on the tradition that Igor Bensen started in 1953 selling plans and kits for gyrogliders and gyrocopters.  You can purchase the complete plans for his gyros in digital format at this site, plus videos, pictures, history and much more.

BRAG Group  The BiRotor AutoGyro design group is developing a hybrid machine with both helicopter and autogyro antecedents, working their way up-scale with simulations and flying models towards (e.g.) a 4-seater with real range and economy of ownership.

CarterCopters L.L.C Developer of high technology gyroplanes.  “The CarterCopter is a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft projected to cruise at 400 MPH at 50,000 feet (230 MPH at sea level).  It uses a rotor for vertical takeoff and landing and a small wing for high speed cruise.”

The CarterCopter Interest Group – Web Site  Information, news and updates about the CarterCopter project, a hybrid autogyro/plane/helicopter.

Celier Aviation  Polish manufacturer of the Xenon 2 and XL autogyros, with photos, explanations, specs, and videos.

Dave’s Rotorcraft Site  A gyroplane enthusiast’s page with information and links.

ELA Aviation – South Africa  Aviation company specialising in gyroplanes, microlights and the gyrocopter.  Based in South Africa.

European Gyroplane website  Promoting safe and fun autogyroflying in Europe and creating a European community of autogiropilots and clubs.

Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc.  The Hawk 4 “Homeland Defender” gyroplane.

Gyrobee  Specifications, performance, photos, and information about a Part 103-legal autogyro.

GyroPilot  For those interested in all forms of autogyros and gyroplanes.

Gyroplane Asia  Provides Government agencies with greener and leaner more cost efficient aircraft of a specific type.  South East Asian distributor/dealer/maintenance consultants with full package design for Governments, Military and private Sports Recreation with full Training + PPL (Gyro).

Manfred’s Gyro Project  This site describes the builder’s story of a Magni M14 dual seat autogyro.

Heliplane Sites


CarterCopters Press Release  This June 26, 2000 press release announces a design study for a VTOL aircraft called the CarterCopter Heliplane Transport.

Heliplanes International Ltd  General heliplane information and links.

Helicopter Products

Barry Cordage Ltd.  High performance products for the helicopter industry, including custom tow lines and bridle assemblies, helicopter cargo nets, helicopter long lines and barrel slings.

Helipod  Helicopter cargo systems and spray systems.

Helicopter Services

Blue Ridge Helicopter  Offers helicopter applications including: flight instruction, aerial photography, scenic rides, aerial reconnaissance in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Burundaiavia airline helicopter services  Provides a broad range of helicopter services in Kazakhstan and abroad including passenger and cargo air transportation, installation and construction works, installation and maintenance of oil drilling equipment, offshore works, fire-fighting, Medevac, S&R and EMS operations, air patrolling, aerial photo and video survey flights.

CHC Helicopter Corporation  A provider of helicopter transportation services to the oil and gas industry, with a combined fleet of more than 324 light, medium and heavy aircraft operating in 21 countries, and with approximately 2,300 employees worldwide.

Chesapeake Bay Helicopters  Provides helicopter flight training, powerline patrol, aerial photography and filming.  Also a dealer for Schweizer Aircraft Corporation.

Helicopter Transport Services, Inc.  Aerial construction, forest firefighting, electronic news gathering, and other helicopter services in North America.

HeliPro  A multitrade, private owned helicopter company located at Helsinki and Kannus, offering photo and videoflights, powerline inspections, aerial infrared flights, light lift services up to 300 kg.

HeliPro Oy  Helicopter power line inspection flights, thermal camera imager, video and photography flights.  Finnish site.

Helicopter Blogs and Podcasts

The adventures of Chopper Chick!  This former pilot/reporter for KABC and KTLA in Los Angeles currently flies for several different companies doing both news part time and firefighting.

CopterCast  An aviation podcast from the perspective of helicopter pilots, international pilots, and career pilots.  Topics include flight training, careers with rotorcraft, and international flying, as well as news and events.  And of course, just some fun hangar flying.

Golden Gate Helicopters Blog  A helicopter blog for both students and enthusiasts with a nice and informative perspective from pilots.  The company has a flight school and provides private helicopter charters.

Helicopter Communities

HeliTorque Helicopter Portal and Forums  This active helicopter forum has international members from all sectors of the helicopter industry.  It’s a great place to torque, chat and chill with other helicopter pilots and industry personnel.

RotorSpace.com  A social network for helicopter aviation.

Rotary Wing Forum  A meeting place for rotorheads.

Rotorwash International Forum  Created to discuss important issues related to the helicopter industry.

Helicopter Organizations

American Helicopter Society International  The professional society for the advancement of vertical flight technology and its useful application throughout the world.

Australian Sports Rotorcraft Association  The ASRA a national sport and recreational association, representing people with an interest in gyroplanes in both Government regulations and sporting matters.

Bell 47 Helicopter Association  Dedicated to supporting and preserving the history of the Bell 47.  Open to Bell 47 pilots, mechanics, and related personnel interested in the Bell 47 helicopter.

Eastern Region Helicopter Council, Inc.  The purpose of this corporation is to foster an active exchange of ideas and information among the helicopter operators in the Northeast United States and between those operators, manufacturers, suppliers, the public, federal, state and local agencies so as to further the cause of safety, profesionalism and eficiency through communication, as deemed appropriate.

Helicopter Association International  Advancing the international helicopter industry by providing programs that enhance safety, encourage professionalism and economic viability while promoting the unique contributions vertical flight offer society.

Helicopter Club of Great Britain  The Club’s purpose is to promote safe and considerate flying.  They represent the interest of club members on committees with BHAB, RAC, FAI and CAA.  Also, they organise helicopter events throughout the year including the British Helicopter Championships.

Helicopter Engineers & Pilots Association, Canada  HEPAC is a professional, non-profit association whose mission is to promote the professionalism and integrity of the Canadian helicopter industry.  HEPAC acts as a strong, organized, and effective voice for Canadian engineers and pilots looking for constructive change and positive, proactive solutions to help make the industry the best it can be, now and for the future.

Middle East Africa Helicopter Association  MEAHA aims to create the foundations for the further development of the helicopter industry in the Middle East and Africa, in close cooperation with the regulatory authorities as well as operators, manufacturers, maintenance professionals, VIP transportation providers, law enforcement agencies, governments, oil and gas companies, as well as regional airports.

Navy Helicopter Alumni Association  An organization for members and their spouses of the initial U.S. Naval Helicopter Squadrons, VX-3, HU-1 and HU-2, as well as members of all U.S. Naval Helicopter Squadrons, and Organizations that followed.

Popular Rotorcraft Association For homebuilt rotorcraft.

South African Gyroplane Association  The association represents gyroplane pilots and enthusiasts in Southern Africa where a very active gyroplane community are blessed with almost perfect flying weather for most of the year.

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network  A non-profit veterans organization dedicated to providing a forum for recreational communications amongst a fraternity of aircrew members who served in Vietnam during the period 1961-75.


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