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Helicopter Magazines

Experimental Helo Magazine  This magazine is published 6 times a year and is dedicated to experimental and personal helicopters.  Subscribe or renew online.

Fly Gyro!  Printed international magazine for autogyro, gyrocopter, rotorcraft, gyroplane enthusiasts.  Website has forums, extensive links page etc.

GyroFlight  The official publication of The British Rotorcraft Assocation, which promotes the flying, training, and construction of gyroplanes and gyrogliders. Helicopter Maintenance Magazine

The only magazine dedicated to helping helicopter maintenance professionals be the best at their jobs and serves maintenance personnel worldwide. Free subscriptions are limited and granted to those individuals who qualify and are within the USA or Canada. Please see our link below on how to qualify for a free subscription. Helicopter Magazines, News and Publications

Autorotate Professional Helicopter Pilots Assoc. (Daleville, Alabama, USA)

Aviation International News (Midland Park, New Jersey, USA)

Bell Helicopter News Room (Forth Worth, Texas, USA)

Canadian Skies (Features both rotor-craft and fixed-wing aircraft.) (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Sikorsky Commercial Links by (Stratford, Connecticut, USA)

Frontlines by Sikorsky
(Stratford, Connecticut, USA)

Forecast International
(Newtown, Connecticut, USA)

Helicopter Annual (Free App or Online)
– Helicopter Association International –
(Alexandria, Virginia, USA)
App: www.rotor.com

Online: www.rotor.com

Helicopters Magazine
(Simcoe, Ontario, Canada)

Helicopter Life  Published quarterly in Europe and the UK, with subscribers world wide.

Helicopter Magazine Europe  A bilingual French-English publication that provides the latest in industry news from the helicopter industry.

Helicopters Magazine  Canada’s only national helicopter magazine, providing comprehensive coverage of commercial, corporate, general and military rotary-wing aviation in Canada and around the world. Helicopter News (by Defense Daily)
(Potomac, Maryland, USA)

Heliprops Human AD by Bell Helicopter
-Airworhty Directives for Humans-
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA) www.bellhelicopter.com/en_US/Training

Helicoptorial  Monthly feature articles.

HeliMx magazine  A publication dedicated exclusively to helicopter maintenance.  The magazine features technical, regulatory and product information to help the helicopter maintenance professional perform his/her job.  Free to North American subscribers who qualify for the publication.  It is published 6x per year.

Pacific Rotors  Magazine dedicated solely to helicopter operations throughout the Pacific Rim.  Extensive list of PacRim helecopter companies.

Rotor & Wing  Covers the worldwide helicopter market, with full-length features, news, safety, aerodynamics, new products, maintenance, regulatory matters and communications from correspondents in Washington, DC and Europe.

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Rotorcraft Magazine
– Popular Rotorcraft Association –
(Mentone, Indiana, USA)

– Free email newsletter-
(Alexandria, Virginia, USA)
www.rotor.com (Online News Main Webpage)
www.rotor.com (Subscribe to RotorNews)

Rotorcraft Pro
(Hoover, Alabama, USA)

Rotor & Wing International
(Rockville, Maryland, USA)

Rotory Modeler
-Remote Controlled Helicopter Magazine-

Vertical Magazine and Vertical 911 Online Digital Issues
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)


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