Commercial Aircraft Manufacturers

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Aerosup Inc – Los Angeles, CA – Aerosup help the customer to find qualified repair facilities that can do the job with a minimal cost.

Airbus Industrie – Cedex, France – 1 Rond Point, Maurice Bellonte 31707 Blagnac, Cedex France. Phone: +33 5 61 93 33 33

Airbus Industrie – White Plains, NY

AMC MRO – Cairo, Egypt – We provide high quality maintenance services, with lowest rate and effective time frame with shortest down-time.

B&D Design Services, Inc – Rockwall, TX – Structural Design Engineers FAA CFR Part 23 & 25, JAA, EASA, Commercial, Military 20 Years of Aircraft Design Experience SBA Small Business Certified

Boeing – Seattle, WA – P.O. Box 3707, MC IE-77, Seattle, WA 98124 Phone: (206) 662-4300

Boeing Aircraft / McDonnell Douglas Corporation – Seattle, WA (BFI)
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Embraer – USA-Banner – Fort Lauderdale, FL (FXE) – One of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world by focusing on specific market segments with high growth potential in regional, military, and corporate aviation.
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Gippsland Aeronautics – Morwell, Australia – Gippsland Aeronautics produces a family of aircraft designed specifically to meet particular market needs. We are the only company in Australia, and one of a handful in the world, with the capability to both design and manufacture commercial aircraft from first principles.

SkylarkUsa Aircraft LLC – Orangevale, FL (LHM) – Manufacturing light sport aircraft Skylark USA

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