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A Pilot’s Guide to Safe Flying  mCOVE Resources provides details about this internationally acclaimed book for GA pilots.  It summarizes the many ways of avoiding situations that can potentially impair the safety of a flight.  It covers topics relating to safe flying, and provides the single pilot with an extremely useful framework for gaining and maintaining knowledge in this important area.

Aero Tech Publications – Chandler, AZ (PHX) – Flight maneuver manuals for the Private, Commercial and Multi Engine pilot. Over 15,000 sold! 

Aero Training Products  ATP offers aviation books, videos, software, and charts for flight and maintenance training operations.

Aero Transport Publications  Publications for the Canadian aviation industry: tech logs, pilot logs, plotters, videos, aviation directories, aircrew license holders.

Aero Vintage Books Offering vintage aircraft information and a selection of aviation historical books.  Catalog, ordering, message board, aviation links.

Aeroclipper Video  Nashua, NH (ASH) – Aviation DVDs and Blu-ray discs – airliner, military, airport, naval, and commercial aircraft from World War I to present day.
Aviation, military, and historical DVDs and books.

AeroCrafter Homebuilt Aircraft Sourcebook  More than 700 different models in 432 pages with over 1,000 photos and drawings.

AeroFile – Military Aircraft Designations and Systems  Catalogued from 1913 to the present from US, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Sweden.  In all over 9,000 separate designation listings.

Aeroplane Books Thousands of new and out of print books for sale.

Air Combat  Stories by an aviation and military writer.

Air Crash Mail Of Imperial Airways & Predecessor Airlines  This 225 page book lists all the known crashes, interruptions and forced landings of Imperial Airways and its predecessor airlines.

Aircraft Technical Book Company  800+ titles from 60 publishers for the A&P technician and student, including books, eBooks, videos, eVideos, plus software training and regulatory products.

Aircraft Technical Publishers Maintenance manuals, illustrated parts catalogs, manufactured service bulletins, federal aviation regulations.

Airguide Publications, Inc. – Long Beach, CA (LGB) – Publisher of Flight Guide, an airport and frequency manual for VFR pilots.

Airport Book  A former TSA screener wrote “I Might As Well Be Naked! How to Survive Airport Screening with Your Clothes On” to help airline passengers get through security checkpoint as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Sign up for a free Travel Security Tip of the Week by email.

AIRtime Publishing Inc.  Publisher of Combat Aircraft, International Air Power Review, Flight path, and other publications.

Artful Publishing  The book Artful Flying: “No matter what kind of aircraft you fly, how many ratings or hours or logbooks (or moon landings) you have, this book will make you a better pilot.”

Art’s Pilot Page  Aviation books and pilot related topics: BFR Review, IFR Review, Pocket Pilot Handbook, Pilot’s Rules of Thumb, Student Pilot Handbook

ASA, Aviation Supplies and Academics – Newcastle, WA (RNT) – Instructional books, test prep materials, including Richard Collin’s book “Flying IFR”

Ask the Pilot  Patrick Smith, an airline pilot and author of Salon.com’s popular air travel column, unravels the secrets and tells you all there is to know about the strange and fascinating world of commercial flight.

Aviatech Publications – Aviation  Authorized distributor of all civil aviation publications published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Aviation Book Company Aviation pilot supplies and books.  Online catalog, news.

Aviation Books  Presenting a wide range of aviation books for enthusiasts and modellers at 25 – 30% below the Australian Recommended Retail Price.  Choose from a range of military aircraft books and civil aircraft books, including Soviet and Russian, Luftwaffe and German, American, British, airliners, combat aircraft, bombers and fighter aircraft.  Publishers include: Ian Allen Publishing, Specialty Press, Midland Publishing, Aerofax, Classic Publications (including Luftwaffe Colours), Red Star, Red Kite, and many others.

Aviation Cartoons  “Good Landing” is a 160 page book with aviation cartoons by 20 artists from all corners of the world.

Aviation Dimension – Pretoria, South Africa – AvDim, an aviation on-line magazine, image gallery and aviation resource offering forums, pilot supplies, photography, articles, daily news, high-res photos and more. AvDim is a free site for all. 

Aviation eBooks  A dedicated aviation eBook and eVideo catalog.  Instant and free shipping, zero import taxes, extensive and fast growing selection.

Aviation Forum Company – Loveland, CO – How to Crash an Airplane (and survive!)

Aviation Humor  Aviation humor books for sale.

Avicopress  This Russian site (translation available) provides aircraft history of Myasishchev, Ilyusin, Yakovev and others DB.  Excellent drawings, colour schemes, and GCI images.

Avotek Information Resources  Offering up-to-date textbooks for the aircraft mechanic student.  A complete line of books and study guides for today’s Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT).

Barnstorming To Air Safety  A former barnstomer looks at the development of aviation from the early days of flying to the jet age: stories of barnstorming risk-takers, rum-runners, early Naval air schools, and descriptions of some of the first passenger flights.  Also, the development of air safety regulations.  The author, who joined the Bureau of Safety of the Civil Aeronautics Board (later the National Transportation Safety Board), provides the reader with details of aircraft accident investigations and findings while also affording a glimpse into how the government operates.

Barrett Tillman’s Web Page  Site about aviation writer and speaker, Barrett Tillman.  View Barrett’s aviation adventure books and novels, articles and interesting stories.  Purchase books such as Dauntless, Hellcats, Clash of the Carriers, and more.

BD King Press  The republishing of classic aviation books.  This is basically a site for readers of aviation literature which has a taste of history and lore.  Ernest K. Gann and Robert Serling are the primary authors.

Bob Wander’s Soaring Books and Supplies  A wide variety of soaring books, supplies, videos/DVDs, varios, and other information.  Featuring the Made Easy series written by Bob Wander, and Mentor series of soaring books, edited by Bob Wander.

Booksquadron.com  This online company presents a selection of fine and rare materials related to the histories of both commercial and military aviation.

Breaking Free: The Aerial Photograpahy of Judson P. Brohmer  A coffee table book covering flight test at Edwards AFB.  Aircraft include covers the X-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F-22 Raptor, F-15 Eagle, F-117 Nighthawk, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-18 Hornet, SR-71 Blackbird, B-1b Lancer, B-2 Spirit, C-17 Globemaster.  A different kind of book where the authors are actual test pilots.  Includes a DVD.

Britton Booksellers Specializing in scholarly out of print and technical titles.  Use the keyword search to find aviation titles.

Builders Bookstore  800+ titles from 60 publishers for the sportplane builder and pilot including books eBooks, videos, eVideos, and software.

Bulgarian Books & Music  Check out the military aviation titles by East European aviation expert, colonel Dimitar Nedialkov, Professor in the military academy of Bulgaria.

Buyer’s Guide for Ultralight Aircraft  Shows over 250 ultralights, trikes, powered parachutes, gyros, and vintage ultralights.

Byrd Aviation Books  Specializing in early aviation, pioneer, and WW I books.  A large supply of back issues of aviation magazines.

CanAero.ca  A website exclusively devoted to the people, aircraft, and photography of Canadian aviation.

CANAV Books Blog  This is the blog from CANAV Books, Canada’s oldest independent aviation book publisher.  It contains original photos; insights and commentary from founder Larry Milberry, focusing on all things Canadian aviation, as well as the book publishing biz.

Caribbean Sky Tours – Mexico – Pilot Guide to Mexico and Central America. Complete and comprehensive pilot resource for flying to Mexico, Central America and Bahamas printed in full color with up to date information on 231 airports

Charting A Wiser Course  Kaye Shackford, a thirty-year industry veteran, believes our current managerial and behavioral models are operating at cross-purposes with our own strategic objectives.  To achieve those objectives, we must align our behaviors with our intentions.

CloudDancer’s Alaskan Chronicles  The E-Retail outlet for Cloud Dancer’s Alaskan Chronicles, a three book series about a young Alaskan bush pilot.

Confessions of a Pilot  The account of a private pilot and his twenty year love affair with flying.  170 pages of memories, dreams, and fears, spanning two decades of adventures in a 1958 Piper Tri-Pacer.

Cruising Altitude: Diary of a Flight Attendant  This book explains what it is like to be a flight attendant in a unique and fun way.  Lively stories through the eyes of a real flight attendant.

CynthiaMcAlister.com  Books written by Cynthia Swensen McAlister, including Crisscrossing the Globe – The Crazy Life of a Charter Flight Attendant.

Design for Impact  This book looks at the design and development of airline safety cards, from the first text-based cards in the 1930’s to current cards.  (A big Flash download.)

Dictatorship of the Air  In addition to information and excerpts from the book Dictatorship of the Air: Aviation Culture and the Fate of Modern Russia, the web site includes a gallery of rare images of early Soviet aviation posters and a weekly blog devoted to Russian aviation, history, and related matters.

Edward’s Publishing Co., Inc. – Las Vegas, NV (VGT) – Edward’s Publishing Co., Inc. was established in June 1967 and is a Nevada sub-chapter S corporation. The purpose of the company is to publish books on electrical connectors and related components.

eFlightManuals.com – Cumming, GA – We offer a selection of original and CD-based flight manuals for military and commercial aircraft.

Essco, Inc.  Airliner flight and ops manuals, civilian aircraft owner’s manuals, war bird pilot manuals, and other aviation books.

Fast Lane To Faith – If you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the cockpit door and in the heart and soul of the man in command of your life; you’ve got to read this book!

FinallyFearless.com  Help for nervous flyers through the book Going From Worried About Dying to Excited About Flying.

Firefly Books  The “Aviation Century” series of books.  Search the catalog with “aviation” for other titles.

First Blue Angel  Information on the life of Butch Voris, and the book First Blue: The Story of WWII Ace Butch Voris and the Creation of the Blue Angels, personally autographed by Butch!  This charitable organization donates all net proceeds to both the US Naval Academy Foundation and the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

flightattendantcareer.com  The 165 page flight attendant career guide, The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant written by American Airlines flight attendant Kiki Ward will steer you through the process of becoming a professional flight attendant – from the application process, to the interview, to training. An in-depth look at the career itself is also included.  Specific airline interview overviews are available.  The Website maintains up to the minute hiring information direct from the airlines.

FlightSimBooks.com  They make the full text of 16 classic flight simulation books available on the web.  Everything is available with permission of the copyright holders.  Titles include PC Pilot by Steve Smith, Jet Fighter School by Richard G. Sheffield, Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator by John Rafferty, and others.

FlightSmith – Columbus, IN (BAK) – Flying Handbooks on CD. The eight (8) most used FAA Flying Handbooks on one, indexed, menu-driven CD. The documents are in printable form or can be viewed on almost any PC (desk or laptop) using Adobe Reader (free from Adobe). 

Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer  this book was written by a flight attendant about flight attendants and flying.  Funny things happen, and she tells them all in this hilarious and insightful chronicle of her career as a naive flight attendant.

Flying North South East and West  The biography of Captain Terry Reece, who spent more than forty years as a captain, chief pilot, check airman, smokejumper, airline training company president, and owner of a floatplane service.  From Amazon.com: “Reece’s first flying lesson ended in a cloud of billowing dust, ripped metal, and broken Plexiglas.  But that didn’t keep him grounded.  Over the next few years, he navigated his Lockheed C-130 to steamy nights in Rangoon, risky undercover aircraft deliveries to Libya, icy Arctic expeditions, and desperate flights out of the desert with machine guns pointed at his gut, to landing Boeing jets on short, icy runways on Alaska’s Aleutian Chain.  Reece’s entertaining biography delves into the fast-paced world of aviation and is filled with compassion, danger, bits of humor, and the follies of youth.”

Flying: Just Plane Fun  A children’s book on flying (by Julie Grist, ISBN 0-9725750-0-6) that shares both technical information and the joy of flying with young readers age 5-12.  Pilots and aviation buffs are buying it to share with their kids and grandchildren to get them interested in flight.

French Aerospace Industry  This report RNCOS provides a comprehensive view of the aerospace market in France.  It comprises informative discussions on global and domestic demand/supply trends, futures markets, and micro economic analysis.

GEEZER and the KID: Adventures in Flight  The 3rd book by Ron Irwin is a vibrant action adventure tale of a trip by Ron and his 11 year old daughter across the sizzling Mojave Desert and the hostile terrain of Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico in their single Cessna Cardinal.  Irwin is an author, pilot, and photographer who writes about his passion for aviation and creates aviation themed images and paraphernalia.

Global Business Jet Yearbook  A pocket reference book for owners and operators of long-range business jets worldwide.  Contains information on airports, FBOs, charter operators, maintenance and completion centers, and more.  Also available online.

Halfway to Heaven  Re-published edition of book about flying techniques and philosophies of a glider pilot, aerobatic expert and stunt flier, and Australia’s first commercial skywriter.

Handbook of Business Aviation in Europe  A pocket reference book for owners and operators of turbine helicopters, twin engine aircraft, and business jets throughout Europe. Also available online.  The printed edition is available to purchase, and the content can also be browsed on the website.  Comprehensive airport data, listing handlers and FBOs, based maintenance centers, and charter operators.  Over 2,000 airports online.  Browse through every turbine helicopter, fixed wing twin, and business jet type, with links to manufacturers, new aircraft sales representatives, maintenance and charter operators for each.  Over forty categories of services for aircraft owners and operators.

Happy Landings The publisher of books by aviation humorist Garth Wallace, for pilots and people who like to laugh.

Hauling Checks: a novel  A comedy about the darker side of aviation.  A cast of degenerate pilots, who work for a shady night time air cargo operation, take you on a flight through the unfriendly skies.  The pilots abuse every Reg in the book in their quest to make deadlines for their high value cargo.  As the company falls on hard times, management resorts to questionable measures to save the failing airline.

Hikoki Publications  Dedicated to producing serious books for aviation enthusiasts which explore less well known aspects of aviation history 1914 – 1990.

Ink Publishing  This publishing company is the largest producer of in-flight magazines for airlines.

 Javifix Inc. – Mississauga, Canada – Flight Test Checklist, a homebuilder’s guide to flight testing. Excellent for flight testing any small airplane.

Jetliner Cabins  The aim of Jetliner Cabins is to survey one small part of the legacy that we have inherited from the Wright Brothers and the development of the commercial-aircraft cabin environment from the late 1970s to the turn of the millennium. Topics include product branding, the passenger experience, cabin maintenance and the marketing challenge and include comments from more than forty international specialists relevant to their areas of expertise.

Jets Press  Publishing work by fighter mechanics about their impressions of the people and hardware surrounding fighter aircraft.

Jim Clonts  This former B-52 instructor radar-navigator has authored Virulent Winds, a military fiction novel of the near future.

Jimmy Jay  Personal site by a pilot who writes.

Junior Pilot Adventures  A children’s aviation book about two little pilots from South Africa who fly off on an exciting journey to fetch their friends from another city.  Along the way, they experience a number of situations which test their flying skills.  The story aims to educate little readers about some aspects of aviation with a safety theme throughout.

L’Aeroteca – Librería Aeronáutica / Aeronautical Bookstore  The virtual version of the large Spanish aeronautical specialized bookstore operating in Barcelona since 1986.  A multi-lingual site with sales in Euros and shipping internationally.

LoriJakiela.com  The author website for the memoir of a flight attendant: Miss New York Has Everything (Warner Books).

Lysmata Publishing – Miami, FL (OPF) – An informative & often humorous look at aviation as it grew from a sport for daredevils into an important form of transportation & shipping, & the subsequent development of air safety regulations.

Never Fly Solo: Lead with Courage, Build Trusting Partnerships, and Reach New Heights in Business  By Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman.

Nick Grant Adventures  Aviation historical fiction.  At sixteen, pilot Nick Grant works part time at Alameda Airport. Nick’s adventures begin with job for Ann Lindbergh. He delivers a package and becomes embroiled in a contest for control of the Pacific. The US, through the great Pan American flying boats of the 1930s, is trying to keep China supplied in its war with the Japanese invader. Japanese spies have a mission to – stop the US! Join Nick as he confronts his classmates, a Japanese Secret Society, and the FBI while trying to protect the China Clippers.

nzebooks.com  This site offers the Ventura Publications series of classic war bird books, as well as aviation e-books.

Odyssey Aviation Publications – Union Lake, MI (PTK) – The website for Flying on the Gages and Purchasing & Evaluating Airplanes by Brian M. Jacobson, plus other aviation audio tapes and books.

Only Birds and Fools Fly…  This autobiographical online “book” details of the first jet crossing of the Atlantic, and of the first British aerobatic team.

Optima Publications – Mountain View, CA – Publishers of VFR Airport Information Guides: Pilots Guide to California Airports, Pilots Guide to Northwestern Airports and Fun Places to Fly. books

PilotsBooks  800+ titles from 60 publishers for the student pilot through the experienced professional; books, eBooks, videos, eVideos, software training, and pilot supplies.

Plane Writing A site built around writings and biographies of vintage pilots.

Prelude to a Super Airplane  This fictional novel is set in the year 2012 where political divisions between the flying-car contingent and the pro-airplane people clash to put the future of airborne transportation at risk.  Buy the paperback, read the e-book (Kindle, PDF, HTML), or browse through the first 55 pages for free.

Qantas Jet Star  This book describes a suicidal 747 pilot (the author) and how he was kept flying by Qantas.  Mental illness can be disguised through non-medical means (booze), and perhaps more research and understanding should be given to this problem.

Red Sky Ventures Books  Aviation text books and resources published by Red Sky Ventures are available for international distribution through Lulu, including the aircraft training manual series, aircraft checklists, Namibian PPL and CPL prescribed texts, and the Namibian Runway Directory.

Rod Machado – Santa Ana, CA (SNA) – Rod Machado’s site provides educational materials for those who want to learn to fly an airplane. It also provides educational materials for those who want to obtain advanced pilot certificates or ratings.

SAM Publications  Publisher of books and magazines for the modeller and enthusiast.

Sandpiper Media, Inc. – Riverside, CA (SLC) – Aircraft Service Directory Aircraft Handler’s Guide Aircraft Movement Guide Aircraft Crash Rescue Guide Military Aircraft Crash Rescue.

Selbstverlag Lampoudi  A self-made book about the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and Boeing 717, in German, with 348 pages.

Skyroamers – Orange, CA (SNA) – Flight training manuals and syllabuses

Squawk 7700 – A Pilot’s Adventure  An account of the author’s 10 years as an aviator, from his adolescent dream of flying to a first officer on a major regional airline.

TAHS  Mail-order catalogues for books and colour prints, as weel as plastic model kits, decals and modelling sundries.

Tail of the Storm  This book is the story of the Military Airlift Command aircrews that flew airlift missions in the logistical tail of the 1991 Persian Gulf War.  It is written from the viewpoint of a crewmember, not a historian or a journalist.

The $100 Hamburger  “A Guide to Pilots’ Favorite Fly-In Restaurants” This website was created by the author.  Restaurants, hotels, crew cars, golf courses, fuel prices, museums, air shows, conventions, adventures, product reviews.

The Aviation Book: The World’s Aircraft A – Z  In this amazingly illustrated international survey, Irish artist Fia O Caoimh provides a comprehensive survey of all the main plane types, civil and military, from the pioneering years to today’s transonic and aerospace flights.  Illustrations of planes and helicopters are accompanied by detailed technical specifications.  352 pages with over 900 illustrations.  Published by Thames & Hudson in the UK, Chronicle Books in the USA/Canada, and Hermes Publications in a French language edition.

The Clique Ltd. Collections of old, rare and historic aviation books published 1904-1939. Prices from around £1000 / US $1,500.

The Greatest Generation of Silver Wings  This limited edition book contains interviews with 28 World War II aviators, who are now in their seventies and eighties.  Over 250 pgs, with stories, photos, maps, and diagrams.

The History of Air Cargo and Airmail  This comprehensive work covers the subject over a 200 year period.

The Last Bush Pilots  A fiction novel inspired by the author’s adventures flying the Alaska bush out of Juneau, Alaska.

The Last Generation  The World War Two memoir of flying boat captain Alan Robertson.

The Lost Hopes  A book about Polish pilots flying over France in 1940.

The Man Who Flew The Memphis Belle  A book by Col. Robert Morgan, USAFR, Ret., detailing his experiences as the Eight Air Force Pilot who led his crew and their B-17 through 25 daylight missions over occupied France and Nazi Germany and then went on to complete 26 B-29 missions against Japanese forces.

The Penton Institute Air Transport World books, CD ROMs, reports, back issues.

The Powered Parachute Bible  The basics of powered parachute flying.

The Secret Layer  This novel by Simms Thomas is about a flight attendant and her adventures, the men that crossed her path and the many secrets she had to hide.

This is Your Captain Speaking: A Common Sense Manual for Keeping Your Wings Level  The personal insights of a pilot with common sense who also knows how to have fun.  You might too.

Turbo the Flying Dog  Turbo wants nothing more than to leave his boring life at the pound behind. The day he discovers his wish is coming true he is terrified to learn that he will have to take an airplane, which another dog describes as “a big metal machine that makes noises in the sky,” to his new home. With the help of his new family, this rescue dog overcomes his fears learning to love aviation after taking a turn at the controls.  A light hearted aviation children’s book series for ages 4-8.

Ventura Publications  Ventura publishes a range of aviation titles (the Classic Warbirds series), provides a digital rights management service (where an electronic ‘ebook’ is purchased from a Web site, is readable on a personal computer, but refuses to open if moved to another computer), and manufactures a range of model kits and decals.

Vintage Flyer Media LLC  Sherman, CT (11N) – We publish large format vintage aviation photographic books. New books in 2010: Vintage Airliners, Cessna Sensations and Portals into the Sky with 100+ vintage cockpits. They publish large format photographic books, including one that features 100+ rare cockpits, one Cessna History from 1934 to 1964 in pictures, and one on the story of vintage Airliners.

Violet the Pilot  An adventurous girl flies different airplanes having different adventures in different countries.  For all ages.

Vortech Books & Videos  Books about helicopters and gyroplanes, general aviation, R/C helicopters and airplanes, and others.

War of Our Fathers  Pacific battlefield photographs by photographer Richard Marin.  Free Windows screensaver.

Whistling Turtles in Belgian Skies  A full colour, hard cover book with the history of it’s use as a training aircraft and as a demonstration aircraft with the Red Devils and solo-display pilots.  Technical data, information for modelers, and photographs of the Fouga in Belgian service.

Wind Canyon Books  A publisher and distributor of 1,000+ aviation books, including civilian and military aviation books, 3-view scale airplane books, World War I, World War II and current day aviation.  They publish airplane histories and they have a selection of children’s aviation books.

Wings of Discovery  A fictional story about an ordinary guy who confronts his fears and embarks upon an extraordinary journey.

Wings of History, the Air Museums of Europe  Tells the story of aviation in Europe through the historic aircraft that still exist in museums and collections.

World Airpower Journal Books and publications.

WWII Aviation Booklist  A number of WWII aviation titles and a brief review of each.

ZD Publishing, Inc. – Wichita, KS (BEC) – publishers of pilot friendly GPS guides

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