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Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated/direct-down position. Usually the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure. Platforms for aerial photography include fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or “drones”), balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, pigeons, kites, parachutes, stand-alone telescoping and vehicle-mounted poles. Mounted cameras may be triggered remotely or automatically; hand-held photographs may be taken by a photographer. Search hundreds of aircraft & aerial photographers, Airports FBO & Airshow photos and many other aviation photos and image sites.

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Aerial Photography

Aerial Archives  A large collection of stock aerial photography for a variety of clients: oblique aerial photography for advertising, public relations and corporate communications, infrared aerial photography, aerial photographs of cities, commercial real estate, and the environment, aerial maps, aerial video and film and historic aerial images.

Aerial Photo Professionals  Providing high quality aerial photography at reasonable rates.  Coverage includes the entire Southeastern United States, and beyond through a network of aerial photographers.

aerial-survey-base  Offering consulting services, designed for aerial survey flight departments: aircraft survey, camera / sensor integration, aerial surveys, photo flights, photogrammetry and mapping.

AerialWorx  A specialist aerial filming and photography company with UK-wide coverage using remotely controlled multi-rotor copters.

Aerocamera  Offering a wide range of equipment for aerial photography and video in Brazil, such as RC helicopters and blimps, camera carriers, telescopic masts and special products.  Aerial photo and video services.  Consulting about UAV for agriculture and inspection services.

Air Artworks  This provider of mounted, ready to display aviation artwork also provides custom Air Artwork.

Airpictures  A free, open, and interactive gallery of air pictures.  Pilots can add their photos and share them with others, including people who only dream of flying.  Pictures can be copy protected and remain the property of the photographers.

Airpix  Specialists in aerial photography, utilising fixed wing aircraft and helicopters piloted by experienced air photo crews.  Backed by a professional photolab and digital suite.

Alpha Aerial Photography  Low level vertical and oblique digital images from a fixed wing aircraft. Serving Texas, Oklahoma Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Angiel EnviroSafe, Inc.  An environmental company using airborne remote sensing for GIS applications.  Aerial Photography charters in a Piper Aztec twin engine airplane with 25 inch camera hole.

Antoine Roels Aerial Photography  This photographer for Belgian Airforce Public Affairs will take assignments to photograph your plan.  Outstanding photographs available of aerobatic teams, commercial airliners, vintage aircraft and warbirds, and many others.

Aerial Aspect Photography  A provider of aerial photography services in and around Northeast Ohio.

Atlanta Aviation Graphics  Aviation photography (aerial, location, studio), graphic design, advertising design, photojournalistic assignments, and web design/hosting.

Austin Helicopter Company  Providing aerial photography, aerial filming, rides, tours, surveys in South Central Texas with Astar, Bell Jetranger, and R44 helicopters.

Bill Roberts Enterprises  Aerial photography out of Phoenix Deer Valley Airport (KDVT).

Cal Aerial Imaging-Sacramento  Provides all forms of airborne aerial photography and digital graphics services, specializing in digital aerial photography.  They also own and operate a Wild RC-10 Survey Mapping camera.  Featuring the aerial photography of Gene Hall in Sacramento, California.

California Coastal Records Project  Digital photographs of the California coastline taken from a helicopter.

Colorado Aerial Photography  Providing professional aerial photos and aerial images of Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Greeley, Ft Collins, and the Colorado rocky mountain region.

Dan Dawson Photography  The aerial photographs illustrate the unique beauty that can only be seen from above.

David Bailey Panoramic Photography  Panoramic images of Australia, including hang gliding at Stanwell Park and the Illawarra.  An expanding gallery of aerial photography and historic aircraft.

Eagle Eye Photography  Offering a professional, unique and cost-effective approach to aerial photographs and photography with an 18-foot helium blimp suspending a high-quality, professional camera at the right height for a perfect perspective.

Eli-Ghibli  Operates mostly Robinson helicopters performing aerial photography, films, and survey work.  Also a certified Robinson Service Center for maintenance and has a flight school at Arezzo Airfield.  Based in Florence, Italy.

Gunn Photography Services  Aerial photography using UAV helicopters equipped with the Canon 50D and 7D.  Based in Atlanta Georgia.

Helicapture  Offering low height aerial video and photography.  Located in Chile.

Heliguy  An online RC helicopter store with a comprehensive support programme and a well managed spares and accessories department.  They build rigs for aerial photography as well as more sophisticated small unmanned aerial vehicles capable of longer flight times.

High Alpha Media  High definition close range aerial video and photography by a CASA-approved (Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia) operator of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for the purpose of aerial video and photography work.  Free online access to historic and current aerial photography, from the 1930s through today.  Multi-year comparison tools to detect changes in property.  Explore your favorite U.S. points of interest.

Jason Hawkes Aerial Photography Library  Over 100,000 rights managed stock images from around the world.

Jason Stiffey Photography  Providing air, land, and sea photography.  Specializing in low altitude aerial images from radio controlled platforms with GPS enabled postioning.  Coming soon: aerial QTVR images.

JetCams  The JetCams system is an L-39 fighter jet aircraft outfitted for performance aerial photography available for still or motion picture photography.

Jumbo Aerial Photography  Aerial photography from a tethered blimp up to 400ft.  Based in Brisbane, Australia, they also do high quality helicopter and plane photography, and specialise in aerial night photography.

LandAir Aerial Photography  A custom aerial photography service in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario capturing photographs from a height that best suits your requirements: telescoping pole, tethered helium balloon, and aircraft.  Residential portraits of homes, industrial requirements, advertising and promotional, events and group portraits, vistas, site development and land planning, environmental approvals, tourism and event promotion, corporate identity and inventory.

Len Jablon Helicopters  Specializing in helicopter charter, group tours, aerial photography, and cinematography.  Their helicopters accept Tyler Helicopter Mount systems, with or without gyros, as well as other systems.  Main Airport at Palwaukee, Illinois.

LoneCoyot  A site displaying scenic pictures taken from the flightdeck of an airliner, as well as a slideshow display.  The photos ave available to purchase.  Specializing in construction progress, commercial, and industrial aerial photography.  Located near Atlanta, Georgia and serving Macon to Birmingham and Columbus to Huntsville.

Multicopter Maui  Low altitude high detailed media for marketing projects.

Photo from Above LLC  Digital aerial photography covering New York City, the rolling hills of New Jersey, Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Long Island.  They extend as far North as Boston as far South as Washington D.C.

Propellerheads  A veteran-owned, New Jersey-based business serving the realty, construction, news media and cinema industries with aerial imagery and videography.

Remote Control Aerial Photography Association  A professional association of dedicated remote control aerial photographers.  RCAPA provides operational safety guidelines, best business practices, networking and new technology information.

Scotavia Images  Custom aerial photography service primarily for Scotland.  Over 500 stock images online in a searchable data base.  Clients comments and contact details on site.  The owner also has detailed knowledge of the Scottish Aviation scene, wildlife, and history.  Guided tours by land or air can be arranged.

SkyCamUSA  Remote control aerial photography and videography employing a fleet of unmanned aircraft, primarily helicopters capable of high quality digital photography and HD video.  They can fly in areas where full size aircraft cannot.  The website of Larry Simpkins, a commercial pilot and aerial photographer who specializes in aerial photography of the central area of the state of Virginia, USA.  This website has some excellent aerial photos of central Virginia as well as many other photos of aircraft, boats and nature.

Sky Photo Aerial Photography  Low level aerial photography from fixed wing, helicopter, and blimp, primarily throughout northeastern Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

Sky View Pictures  Specialists in New York aerial photography for realtors, developers and builders, attorneys, individual homeowners, etc.

Stuart McAlister Photography  Aviation corporate photography.

A Terceira Dimensão – Fotografia Aérea  Aerial images from Portugal taken during flights in Cessna, Piper, and UL airplanes over the country.  Text is in Portuguese with some posts concerning other aviation topics.

Tibaz Productions  An audio video production company offering servces including aerial photography in helicopters and small planes in Africa.

Tore Ofteness – Photographer  This photographer, based in Bellingham, Washington, USA, and is an accomplished aerial photographer.  Fast response precision digital aerial imagery.  Airborne digital photogrammetry and remote sensing services.  Low resolution images are free to view.

Vincent Laforet  This photographer produces some amazing work.  Of interest to aviation enthusiasts is the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier study, and a variety of aerial photographs, particularly the Hurricane Kartina work.

Wings Photographics  Oblique aerial images of Perth Western Australia.  Also, personalised siteseeing flights in Swiz/German/Italian/French.

Z/I Imaging Corporation  Aerial camera systems.


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